Assorted Boxes of French marshmallows

Customer Comments

La Maison Guimauve thanks everyone who has made such positive  and encouraging comments. Here are just a few (see if you can recognise yours!):

Your marshmallows are divine! They are just as they should be - soft, fresh and shot through with delicious flavour! We will definitely order again. Soon!’
‘Can I have another!’
Imagine doing that (toasting) over the fire... how delicious!
— Michaela Strachan, well-known TV Presenter
‘Great texture, I don’t usually like marshmallows but I love these’
‘The consistency is perfect’
‘I just wanted to say that your marshmallows were delicious - I mistook them for Fortnum & Mason ones!’
‘I’m coming back for more - the ones I bought last week didn’t make it home!’
‘Ces guimauves-là, il faut aller les chercher à Londres ! Heureusement, on peut les commander sur internet de l’autre côté de la Manche. Ouf ! Ici, rien à voir avec les marshmallows que l’on plante sur une branche autour d’un feu de bois, non, il s’agit de guimauves de luxe ! Au pétales de rose, à la noix de coco, au cappuccino, et sans oublier le best-seller, à la fleur de sureau et au champagne (on vous avait prévenu…)’.

"Your marshmallows are the best! Amazing!" Jenny

La Maison Guimauve helped me co-ordinate my wedding favours colours with my bridesmaids’ dresses. The favours were hand-tied with ribbon which matched my bridal bouquet. They could not have been more helpful and involved in the planning. I would recommend them 100% no reservation.
The service from this company was fantastic, definitely went above and beyond all expectations at a very busy time of year (I ordered just before Christmas). The product was beautifully presented and was given as a gift to much delight from the recipient! Highly recommended!!
Great product, great idea, great service perfect thank you.
‘I particularly liked the cappuccino flavour which were extraordinary and delicious.’
‘What a brilliant idea for a dinner party - so different and a real change from chocolates - can I place an order for next weekend?’
‘I’m buying these for my wife who is French. I’m so excited that I can buy these in the UK.’
‘Your website can now boast of having a happy customer in Calcutta, India!’
‘I’ve never tasted anything like that - they are incredible!’
‘I had meant to share them with my children but I ate the whole pack before they arrived home from school! I couldn’t help it ...’
‘Well received. Thank you very much! I am confident this is one present my husband will enjoy! Great service, will definitely recommend you to friends. Thanks again.’
This is a gorgeous, fresh marshmallow... really squidgy and soft... that would be really delicious (toasted over a fire) ... you can have it camping or at the end of a meal as a petit four...
— Rebecca Seal, Channel 4 Food Critic, Journalist and Author

"La Maison Guimauve - you absolutely rock. People, your wedding isn't complete without these beauties! Plus an absolute pleasure to work with - positive, professional and loads of vision x" Sal and Yush's wedding July 16

I am a big fan of these delicious marshmallows. They melt in the mouth and taste divine. My favourite is raspberry and lemon, but the chocolate ones are knock-out as well! They come beautifully wrapped in a box - a real treat or a sophisticated present for someone special.
Thank you for the beautiful blue marshmallows for the baby shower. As always they were wonderful and enjoyed by all.