double chocolate French marshmallows


What are the basic ingredients of La Maison Guimauve marshmallows?
Here at La Maison Guimauve we use only the finest ingredients. Our basic marshmallow recipe consists of caster sugar, glucose syrup, invert sugar, fish gelatine, cornflour and confectioner's sugar. To this basic recipe we add a selection of our delicious fruits purees, cocoa powder, champagne, 70% chocolate. We use natural flavourings and colourings whenever possible to create their unique and amazing taste. 

Are La Maison Guimauve marshmallows suitable for people with allergies?
The ingredients are listed on each marshmallow pack. They are gluten free. We use fish gelatine in all of our marshmallows. Please note that some people may be allergic to fish gelatine. Our marshmallows are produced in a kitchen where nuts, dairy and gluten products are handled.

Do La Maison Guimauve marshmallows contain gluten?
La Maison Guimauve marshmallows do not contain gluten and so are suitable for those with gluten intolerance. Our marshmallows are produced in a kitchen where gluten products are handled.

Do your marshmallows contain animal gelatine?
We use fish gelatine into our marshmallow ingredients making them suitable to a larger number of marshmallow lovers. Therefore, they are suitable for pescatarians.

What is the shelf-life of La Maison Guimauve marshmallows?
As La Maison Guimauve marshmallows are a fresh product, they are best eaten as soon after purchase as possible. Bags and finger packs can be stored up to 4 weeks. Gift boxes are best consumed within 2 weeks of receiving them. We recommend that you keep them in their packaging, away from direct sunlight and at an ambient temperature no higher than 21 degrees celsius. A best before date is shown on each order for guidance.

How many marshmallows are in one pack?
La Maison Gumauve marshmallows are cut individually by hand and so each marshmallow's size and weight will vary slightly. Each marshmallow has a diameter of approx 3cm. Net weights vary depending on the flavour but they are approx 100g per pack.

Does La Maison Guimauve cater for weddings, parties and corporate events?
Yes, we are delighted to offer a bespoke service for your wedding or corporate event. Do contact us and we will provide more information.

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