For young and old alike, this is the ultimate in marshmallow fun - guaranteed! There is nothing better than fresh marshmallows gently toasted over our gentle brazier. The outer layer turns to a chewy caramel while the inside fluff melts into delicious creamy mallow - bliss!

Our Luxury Toasting Box contains 3 bags of our signature flavour marshmallows in Vanilla, Double Chocolate and Raspberry & Lemon, 8 bamboo skewers and a non-toxic brazier which is easy to light and burns for up to 2  hours. Beautifully packaged, it adds a touch of glamour to dinner parties, lunches or BBQs. 

Do not leave the naked flame unattended. 

The brazier can be extinguished as required and relit on another day. 

Serving suggestion: Gently warm the marshmallows on the skewer and drizzle with salted caramel sauce. Allow them to cool sufficiently before eating. Truly delicious!

Danger - do not leave a naked flame unattended

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