Busy Week in the Kitchen!

It's been a busy week in the marshmallow kitchen. Since our feature on Channel4, we have had a lot of orders and interest which is great news. We have had to bite the bullet and buy our first industrial sized mixer as our Kitchen Aid was struggling to keep up! We are very proud of it.

We are delighted to announce that we are now featured in Little Book For Brides, the go-to resource for all brides, grooms and wedding planners #littlebookforbrides. Do check out their website www.littlebookforbrides.com if you are planning a wedding as it has everything you need, including amazing marshmallows! 

Thank you once again for all the positive feedback on social media - it really means a lot to us. We also wanted to mention the other small businesses and startups who like ourselves are working 7 days a week to develop our businesses - it's so important to support each other as we grow. Wishing you a bit of a rest on a Sunday, if possible :)

Lastly, the weather hasn't been exactly brilliant this week, but nothing is stopping us from toasting marshmallows over the fire. We've waited all year for this. We now have toasting packs with mega supplies of vanilla and chocolate marshmallows, skewers and a gentle mini brazier so that you can carry on toasting indoors even if the weather turns a little nasty outside. We've sold lots at Venn St Market and would love to hear your feedback if you have bought some. Coming soon to the Shop page of our website. We will run a separate blog item on toasting marshmallows in due course...

Happy mallowing x