How to Make Perfect S'mores

I'm sure most people are familiar with s'mores but just in case you aren't, s'mores are an American name for the marshmallow and chocolate sandwich so popular on camping weekends. You don't need to go camping to enjoy s'mores; in fact you don't even need a campfire, a fire pit will be fine. If it's raining or too cold to hang out outside, you can still enjoy the S'mores experience indoors with the help of our mini toasting pots. They are easily lit and produce a gentle flame which is perfect for toasting marshmallows. They last for over 2 hours and they're easy to relight and use again next time.

The important thing to remember when making your s'more is not to burn the marshmallow. Marshmallows, especially fresh ones like ours will start to melt quite quickly, so you need to have everything to hand. Break your biscuit into manageable pieces and add a generous chunk of chocolate. Then start to toast your marshmallow slowly to make sure you get an even melt and that it does not burn. A little bit of caramelising is delicious but you don't want to burn it. When your marshmallow is toasted to perfection,  slide it off the stick using the top layer of the biscuit and gently press the two halves together. Expect to get very sticky at this point - but it's all worth it for such a delicious mallow!

We have a wide range of delicious marshmallows which all taste great with a S'more. Have a go at toasting our Double Chocolate or Raspberry & Lemon mallows (both award-winning flavours). Our Mint Chocolate marshmallow tastes out of this world when toasted and melted in a s'more.  It doesn't matter whether it's sunny or cold outside, it's always possible to have s'MORE (geddit?) fun indoors with our Classic S'mores Box. We supply the ingredients and you create the fun. Let us know about your favourite S'more experience - we'd love to hear.