Goodbye Summer ... Hello September

The mornings are getting noticeably chillier and outside there is a definite autumnal smell in the air that wasn’t there a week ago. The need to open all the windows and doors in an attempt to encourage a cool breeze flow through the house has now passed and there is an instinctive urge to cosy up in the evenings.

September is usually a sunny month which means there is still time for lunches in the garden and the occasional dinner too. It’s so relaxing to light the fire or chiminea and sit outdoors even after it has gone dark with blankets around our knees and just a few candles for light.

Better make the most of it - by the first week of October, the colder weather will be here to stay for a good while yet and thoughts of the summer will be well and truly wrapped up for another year.


Photo by Alisa Anton