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We love the month of June. Mainly because so many couples get married at this time of the year. There is so much to plan and arrange. Once your venue has been booked, it's pretty much plain sailing. The problem is the range of choice available to couples. We offer a range of delicious marshmallow treats for your guests. Our marshmallow favours are available as cubes or in heart shapes. We offer them in a range of flavours and we are completely open to suggestions if there is a colour or flavour that you would like, just contact us to discuss. 

Valentine's Marshmallow Hearts

With Valentine's Day less than a month away, we wanted to create a delicious marshmallow treat for you and your loved ones.  Our marshmallows are all handmade using the finest ingredients. We lovingly hand-tie each pack with a red taffeta ribbon, ready for you to give as a gift.

The marshmallows are flavoured with strawberries and champagne to add that extra touch of elegance and luxury. They are individually cut into heart shapes each measuring approx 4cm across. There are approx 14 marshmallow hearts in each pack. Total weight is about 100g. 

We can offer a personalised gift tag at no extra cost - just fill out the appropriate box while placing your order. 

The future is marshmallow. Try something new.

Valentine's Heart Marshmallows

Valentine's Heart Marshmallows